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Employee Healthcare Reimagined

Avance Care is a network of physicians, advanced practice providers, licensed dietitians/nutritionists, and licensed clinical social workers dedicated to creating the next generation of primary care for you and your employees. What does this mean for employers? Learn more about how Avance Care’s employer offering can benefit not only the health of your employees, but the health of your business.

An Innovative Approach to Employer-Provided Onsite Healthcare

In today’s economic climate, the cost of healthcare for employers and employees continues to rise, while employee productivity and satisfaction become more and more important to a company’s success and bottom line. Many companies are taking advantage of the benefits that can be achieved through an employer-provided on-site healthcare program, such as:

  • Decreased overall healthcare costs for both the employer and the employee
  • Reduced operational costs associated with employee time spent away from work
  • Increased employee health, happiness and productivity

All without sacrificing the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of top-quality care. Avance Care provides the most comprehensive and accessible on-site employee healthcare offering for your employees through an innovative approach that prioritizes efficiency and value as part of a unique, larger delivery system.

Maximize Employee Efficiency and Value with AvanceEngage

For employer partners, the on-site hub of AvanceEngage is the Avance HealthPod, a self-contained primary care module that’s staffed by a trained medical assistant and a virtual medical provider. Using two-way video conferencing technology, a medical provider diagnoses a wide range of basic medical conditions with rapid lab tests and remotely controlled digital instruments, such as: stethoscope, otoscope, dermatology camera, spirometry and EKG.

80+ conditions can be treated on-site, all in about 100 square feet – roughly the size of an average exam room. In fact, the Avance HealthPod offers more on-site capabilities than many other on-site clinic offerings. But for more serious conditions, the HealthPod works in conjunction with the Avance Care healthcare delivery system that provides your employees with unprecedented accessibility, convenience and quality of care.

Healthcare is local and knowing the landscape, ability to refer employees/patients to the most cost-effective specialist and co-managing the patients with those specialists has a tremendous value to employers, unlike national vendors who operate onsite health programs. We believe healthcare can be provided virtually but should be delivered locally. Our highly trained providers are regionally based, helping your employees navigate local health systems when needed. 

To see the the Avance HealthPod in action, watch our demo video:

Common Questions

Why choose Avance Care as your onsite healthcare provider?

Unlike other onsite healthcare offerings, the Avance Healthpod offers more capabilities than many other on-site clinic offerings, and is backed by the AvanceEngage healthcare delivery system. Avance Care provides the most comprehensive and efficient healthcare offering for its patients through an innovative affordable care model that prioritizes accessibility and value. With an unparalleled standard of care, 14 Triangle locations (and growing) and convenience that saves patients time and money, Avance Care offers the most complete and integrated services available to its patients.

What is the investment required for an onsite healthcare offering?

While there are many factors that affect the overall investment for an onsite healthcare offering, the Avance HealthPod was developed with an emphasis on value, and installation and operation are competitively priced accordingly. The Avance Care team will be happy to discuss overall investment scenarios and options to ensure the right fit that benefits your bottom line.

What will the employee experience be like?

Employee engagement with the Avance HealthPod starts with the Avance Health Assistant mobile app, called Carin, which all participating employees will have access to, and will help guide them to the right resource for their needs – whether that be the onsite Avance HealthPod, or another care option, such as an Avance Primary Care location.

For those visiting the Avance HealthPod, the employee will be virtually greeted by a warm and welcoming trained medical assistant who will guide them through the entire visit. Materials, such as brochures and an explanatory video will be available for employees who would like more information before entering. These materials will also be provided to employer partners to distribute to employees as part of the Avance HealthPod rollout, and onsite demos can be done by trained Avance Care team members as needed to ensure employee comfort.

How disruptive will the Avance HealthPod be to my office?

Installation and ongoing operation of the Avance HealthPod is designed to be as minimally invasive as possible in order to ensure you can maintain business as usual. Installation of the eco-friendly, pre-manufactured HealthPod with a footprint of approximately 100 sq. ft. (the size of a typical exam room) occurs quickly onsite with minimal disturbance in the location of your choosing. If you prefer, a room of approximately this size can be equipped to be your onsite Avance HealthPod. Within a few days, skilled technicians complete the assembly process. Dust, noise, and damage to the existing site landscape are dramatically reduced with the streamlined production process.

What types of conditions can the Avance HealthPod address?

The Avance HealthPod offers a wider scope of services than traditional telemedicine visits. Patients can seek care for 80+ conditions as well as preventive care services. Patients can have point-of-care testing (strep, mono and flu test, urinanalysis, etc.) and receive vaccines on site. Each HealthPod will be equipped with an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and emergency medications. While a complete list of conditions treated can be provided at request, common conditions include:

Respiratory Infection, Sore Throat, Pain in Back, Neck, or Limbs, Cough, Urinary Tract Infection, Headache, Allergies, Fever, Cold and Flu Symptoms, Rash and other Minor Skin Conditions, Insomnia, Emergency Contraception, Vaccination, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Condition Follow-Ups, Routine Exams, Physicals, Ear Pain, and Travel Health Visits.

Want to Learn More?

We invite you to visit the Avance Care corporate office to tour a demo of the Avance HealthPod in action and to discuss how Avance Care can provide immediate value to your organization. Please contact Levi Boyd, CFO at to schedule your visit.

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